How Can You Think Faster in Chess?

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chess think faster


As Mr. Helen Hayes rightly said, "The expert at anything was once a beginner".

To excel in chess, the success Mantra is "Think better, think smarter". Training the mind to think faster and better is possible with discipline, although, the time required for programming your mind and adapting to this thought process may differ from person to person.

How can you think faster in chess?

Here are a few tips to help you think faster in chess:

1  Become an Active Player

chess active player

The easiest way to improve your game of chess is to start playing online chess puzzles. To speed up the thought process, you must be an active player and play fast-paced time controls like Rapid and Blitz. Over time, being an active player will help you in learning to simplify positions, identifying potential threats, and having a definite idea about how to attack using tactical combinations and positional strategies. By playing online chess, a student gets exposure to players from all around the world. This exposure helps you to train the mind better.

The online chess player gets updated about the latest knowledge, information, and happenings in the world of chess. Try to play as many games as possible to understand and master all the fundamental mechanics, patterns, and threats. This will help you automatically learn to react much faster to opponent moves.

2  Thorough Conceptualization Of Basics

chess basics fundamentals

Your basics must be clear to think faster in chess. Fundamentals like developing pieces in the opening, middlegame plans, and endgame strategies are essential and once mastered, can enable fast decision making in your game. You might be surprised to know that basic fundamentals can be deciding factors at not only beginner level, but also advanced level games. As you practice online chess, you may take notes on your games and watch top player games to absorb a better understanding of the game.

3  Developing the Intuition

chess intuition

All of us are born with some intuition. Some are better than others because they listen to their inner voice more deeply than others.

The principal way to develop intuition is through Basic Pattern Recognition, which primarily comes with experience. Every online game of chess that one plays contribute to developing pattern recognition, which leads to the development of intuition. Pattern recognition allows the brain to save time and energy nearly in all cognitive functions. The number of patterns in Chess is limited to 32 pieces on 64 squares.

Although pattern recognition is effective, you can't experience significant growth in terms of intuition unless you work hard towards improvement of your deep, positional understanding of the game. Thus, practicing a variety of online chess lessons and learning different chess strategies online is a good way to develop intuition over some time.

4  Learn From Pros

chess learn pros top players

As a beginner, you always need someone to look up to or someone to learn from. An aspiring player can learn from common mistakes and pitfalls others have made while playing. Most top players learn to avoid these pitfalls with experience, but that takes time.

Luckily for you, popular online chess tools can help you learn from top players mistakes in little time. At, we provide detailed solutions for top players puzzles through annotations and visualizations. We explain many examples from professional players chess games, which enables the student to learn from their expertise.

5  Learning From Past Mistakes

chess learn mistakes blunders

Your game has a greater chance of improvement if you can analyze your previous games and learn from your past mistakes. If you are wasting your time over moves that won't bring any results or you are taking too much time to figure out a move, analyzing your game would give you insights to think smarter and avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future.

6  Practice Tactical Puzzles

chess chessbolt tactics puzzles

To think faster, better, and smarter, one should get access to the best online chess tools. At, we challenge you to solve tactics from more than 100,000 puzzles that are generated from real games. We firmly believe that practicing online chess every day at a consistent pace is the first step to becoming the master of the game.

As you learn and practice chess strategies and chess tactics online, you will be able to speed up your thought process. With online chess practice, you can sense opposition threats, master fundamentals, learn chess strategies, learn tactical themes, etc. This is how you automatically learn to react smart and fast.

With, continue to enjoy and learn chess online!


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