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chessbolt feature update

Chessbolt's first major feature update is here! We would like to thank all users who provided valuable feedback on our features since the launch of chessbolt in July 2021. Here are the 5 major chessbolt features in this update.

Board and Piece Themes

You can now customize your board and pieces by choosing from among 8 board color themes and 5 piece themes. Access these options from the "Settings" pane, as shown below.

Board Resize

While chessbolt tries to optimize board size based on your screen size (desktop/mobile), it might not work well for all screen sizes or you might have your own board size preference. You can now resize your board by accessing the "Settings" pane, as shown below.

Feedback Center

We have changed almost everything about feedback center. For returning users, the feedback center was earlier located at bottom left in form of solution and like/dislike buttons. We have now moved it to the lower right corner below the notation pane.

Some new features are move-by-move feedback, easily accessible options of focus mode and tactics visual, and some slick animations. See below for a demo!

User Preferences

Registered chessbolt users can save their board themes/piece themes/board resize preferences by clicking the "Save Preferences" button while accessing the "Settings" pane, as shown below.

For guest users, register now to store your preferences!

Mobile Friendly

We have made chessbolt a bit more mobile friendly. With the exception of tactic visualizations, all desktop features are now available in the mobile version.

Did we miss a feature? Write to us to get your feature added to our next update!

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