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chess learning online


It is proven times and times again that the combination of Practice and Perseverance is the formula to master any new set of skills or an art. However, in today's world, having these qualities wouldn't suffice.

You would also need the right mentor, tools or information sources to help you stay updated with your field of interest as well as tips and tricks, and peers with the same set of skills and interests, to name a few. This holds true especially for a game like Chess, which is not restricted to book learning.

chess learning

Chess is a game of infinite possibilities. You can't become a master of Chess by simply playing a few games or reading a book. There are thousands of strategies and tactical moves that include opening moves, finishers, sacrifices, endgames, middle game strategies, etc.

Learning to play chess, is learning to understand the overall chess position in a game, and the positional and material balances and imbalances that will further help you build strategies and tactics in the game.

Reasons You Should Consider Learning Chess Online

chess online training

There are many general benefits of learning chess online. Playing chess improves memory and creativity. An average chess game can last upto 5-6 hours and can help you improve your concentration and enter the state of flow.

Learning chess also helps you develop intuition, critical thinking, and planning skills which apply to the wider walks of life. Playing chess online is also considered a remedy for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Some parents approach the best chess instructors to impart the knowledge of problem-solving to their children at a young age. However, in this digital era, self-learning chess strategies using online chess instructors is becoming increasingly popular. With advancements in artificial intelligence, websites like are on the rise where strategies in any chess puzzle can be explained using computer algorithms.

Here are the reasons to learn chess online:

1  Long to practice and improve your game? Learn chess online!

play chess chess helper

There are thousands of enthusiastic intellectuals who play the game of chess but are not grandmasters, yet. To excel in the game of chess, you should practice using the best chess tools, and get exposure to the right competition. This is possible when you play chess online as it gives you exposure to strong opponents from around the world. The diverse range of competition helps you grow at a faster pace - the more you practice, the more you understand and learn from your mistakes.

It is easy to say that you lose chess games due to "bad luck". In reality, long-term practice and online exposure to strong competition from around the world coupled with your determination and self-belief, is the proven way to improve your chess.

2  Having trouble visualizing moves?

online chess puzzles chess online training

To excel in chess, the chess player has to understand the game from the perspective of the opposition. Having a good idea about the moves of the opponent and exercising control over the game is crucial. If you can visualize your opponent's next moves and plans, you will learn to anticipate their moves and develop your own future moves and strategies. Your visualization skills will help you stay ahead in the game as you are prepared to punish the opponent's moves when the opportunity presents itself.

Visualization is a key skill that all top players possess. There are many online chess learning tools to improve your visualization skills. At, we offer visualizations that help you see tactics a few moves ahead and understand how these tactics connect to win the game.

3  Want to become more tactical and strategize better?

chess tactics trainer online

The vast variety of chess moves can be divided into strategic (positional) or tactical moves. Although strategies and tactics can be improved through coaching or online chess lessons, it is becoming increasingly popular to use online chess AI tools to self-learn strategies. As an example, uses real game examples from all over the world to enhance the knowledge about strategies and tactical moves of players. In fact, also provides you move-by-move solutions and explanations of tactic strategies for puzzles.

4  Wondering how to stay updated?

chess news best chess instructor

A chess player is expected to have all the latest knowledge, information, updates, and happenings from around the globe. Guess what? All popular online chess websites run blogs to bring you the latest happenings from the chess world. also runs its own blog, and also offers newsletters with weekly puzzles and latest blog posts. Subscribe now to stay updated in the world of chess!

Why Choose Chessbolt To Learn Chess

chessbolt chess tactics trainer online

Powered by advanced computer algorithms, makes it easy to practice and enhance your tactical and visualization skills. We provide you with more than 100,000 puzzles generated from real games, and help you understand the solution with the help of visualizations and annotations. makes chess learning super easy and fun! Register for free and find the best strategies and tactics using today!!


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