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improve chess visualization

How to Improve Chess Visualization

Successful players visualize plans to stay ahead in the game. Here are a few steps to improve your chess visualization.

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Chessbolt uses algorithms to generate tactics from real games and explain complex tactics in easy-to-understand annotations and visualizations.


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tips chess champ strategies tactics

Tips to Become a Chess Champ

The journey to become a chess master begins with a single step. Here are some tips that will help you get there.

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chess evaluate position

5 Easy Steps to Evaluate a Chess Position

Evaluating a chess position can be tricky. Here are 5 easy steps to evaluate any chess position.

Posted by Saumil Padhya,

chessbolt feature update

Feature Update - Board Customizations, Feedback Center, Mobile Friendly

Chessbolt's first major feature update is here! We would like to thank all users who provided valuable feedback on our features since the launch of chessbolt in July 2021. Here are the 5 major chessbolt features in this update

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chess think faster

How Can You Think Faster in Chess?

To excel in chess, the success Mantra is "Think better, think smarter". Here are a few tips to help you think faster in chess.

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chess learning online

Chess Learning - Why You Should Learn Chess Online

It is proven times and times again that the combination of Practice and Perseverance is the formula to master any new set of skills or an art. However, in today's world, having these qualities wouldn't suffice.

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Chess Beginner Tactics

5 Beginner Chess Tactics That Everyone Should Know

A game of chess can lead to an infinite number of tactic combinations. Luckily for you, most of these combinations fall into tactic motifs or patterns you can master. Here are 5 beginner chess tactics that everyone should know.

Posted by Saumil Padhya,

chess tactic ratings chessbolt

Feature Update - Introducing Tactic Ratings

Chessbolt tactic ratings are live! Here are new features that this update brings.

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simple tactics over style

Tactics - Simplicity over Style

Tactics come in a wide variety of forms, and go by many different and confusing names. However, all tactics are about creating unsolvable problems for the opponent.

Posted by Caleb Denby,